The Making and Working of the Indian Constitution

The Making and Working of the Indian Constitution
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The present book argues that the constitution of a country is as much a political document as a legal one and hence its success or otherwise is also dependent on how it is interpreted and implemented politically. A work written from the perspective of a political scientist, it integrally underlines the ' expectation of permanence' on which a constitution is based and in its analysis lays as much emphasis on the 'making' of the invaluable document called Constitution of India as on its 'working'. A very significant and handy analytical study, it is a useful companion to both the general reader and to the students of political science.

 Dr Shibani Kinkar Chaube retired as Professor of Indian Politics from the University of Delhi. Post-retirement, he WqS fellow, Lok Sabha, on parliamentary studies for two years. In his long teaching and research career he has authored many books including Constituent Assembly of India: Springboard of Revolution;· Hill Policy in Northeast India; Electoral Politics in Northeast India; Politics and Constitution in China; Colonialism, Freedom Struggle and Nationalism in India; Government and Opposition: Parliamentary Democracy in India;co-authored The State of Political Theory: a Marxist Approach; besides contributing more than a hundred articles in edited books, periodicals and newspapers home and abroad.

Author: Shibani Kinkar Chaube
Year of Publication:2018
Edition:1st Edition
No of Pages:285 Pages
Age Group:All
ISBN 13:978-81-237-5548-9
Subject:India-The Land and the People
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