A Man Called CARVER

A Man Called CARVER
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This is the biography of the black US scientist George Washington Carver who was born at the fag end of American Slavery era; became an orphan to struggle against hard times; but eventually worked his way up to become a renowned agrnomist and an educationist with a progressive vision. What is remarkable is the manner in which he manages to stick to his commitment despite odds, his dedicatin to gain education and his sincere endeavour to uplift his black brethren and the larger humanity. The orignal Marathi edition of this biography has positvely influenced its readers that range from students, farmers,teachers to social workers. This English version shall have wider outreach and inspire more and more readers to see and opportunity in evey challenge in life.

Author: Veena Gavankar
Year of Publication:2020
Edition:1st Edition
No of Pages:201 Pages
Age Group:All
Dimensions:21.5"(L)14"(W) (Cms.)
ISBN 13:978-81-237-5838-1
Subject:Creative Learning Series
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