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Welcome to NBT
The National Book Trust, India is an apex body, established by the Government of India in the year 1957 to develop reading ...

1 Annexure-A Introduction

2 Annexure-I (Name & Address of Organization)

3 Annexure-II (Organisation Chart)

4 Annexure- III Section 4(1)(b)(ii) and (iii)

5 Annexure-V Manpower profile

6 Annexure-IV (Bye-Laws)

7 Annexure Section 4 (1)(b) (V.I) Indian institute of Information Technology Vadodara

8 Annexure- XIX Section 4 (i)(b)(viii) Boards, councils, committees and other Boies constituted as part of the public authority

9 Annexure-IX Section 4 (1)(b)(xi) budget allocated to each agency including all plans, proposed expenditures & reports on disbursements made etc.

10 Annexure-Section 4(1)(b)(iv) The Norms for discharge of functions

11 Annexure-VI Section 4(1)(b)(ix) Staff Director & telephone details of NBT, India

12 Annexure-VII Section 4 (1)(b)(x) Monthly Remuneration received by officer & employees including system of compensation

13 Annexure-VIII (List of Employees against whom disciplinary action)

14 Annexure-X (CAG & PAC Paras & Action Taken Reports {ATRs})

15 Annexure-XI (Details of Foreign and Domestic Tours)

16 Annexure-XII (Procurement information)

17 Annexure-XIV Section 4(i)(b)(xvi) name designation & other particulars of public information officer

18 Annexure-XVI Section 4(1)(b)(vi) A Statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or control

19 Annexure-XVII National Education Policy 2020

20 Annexure-XVIII Section 4 (1)(b) (3.4) form of accessibility of information manual handbook

21 Annexure-XX Section 4 (i)(b)(xvii) Citizen’s Charter

22 Annexure-XXI Section 4 (1) (b) (xvii) FAQ

23 Annexure-XIX (Guidelines for Authors)

24 Annexure-XIII (Scheme for the Subsidized Publication of Books and Grant-In-Aid)


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