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Welcome to NBT
The National Book Trust, India is an apex body, established by the Government of India in the year 1957 to develop reading ...
Citizens' Charter

National Book Trust, India

The National Book Trust (NBT), India is an autonomous organisation established by the Government of India under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education in the year 1957. The objectives of the NBT are to produce and encourage the production of good literature in English, Hindi and other Indian languages and to make such literature available at moderate prices to the public and to bring out book catalogues, arrange book fairs/exhibitions and seminars and take all necessary steps to make the people book minded.
Publishing Mandate
We publish books across various genres like science and technology, social science, biographies and autobiographies, books for neo-literates and children, the land and people of India, creative learning and environment among others in all Indian languages. In addition, we also publish select books for children in tribal languages and popular dialects. NBT pays special attention to those genres which are not adequately covered by other publishers and are specially designed for general readers. We also publish books in Braille for the visually impaired in Indian languages. In consonance with the New Education Policy (NEP) bilingual editions of select books are also brought out. For our detailed publishing profile, please visit and look through the catalogues. For information about how to get a manuscript published.
How to Submit a Proposal/Manuscript
⦁ Any manuscript with less than 10 pages can be submitted through e-mail. For manuscripts over 10 pages, a hard copy may be sent by post addressed to the Director, National Book Trust, India.
⦁ Kindly mention the name of the series under which you are submitting the work on the covering letter. The details about the series may be seen at ⦁
⦁ The complete manuscript should be typed in double space and the pages should also be numbered. However, it is advisable to send a synopsis, chapter plan and one or two sample chapters in the first instance.
What we don’t Publish:
We do not publish contemporary poetry for readers of all age-groups. We also do not publish contemporary novels and plays, however, we publish select stories and essays in commissioned anthologies. Major novels and plays of distinguished authors are published in translations under Aadan Pradan Series.
General Guidelines:
⦁ Before sending the manuscript, kindly mention whether the work is original or whether it has been published by NBT or whether it has been published by any other publisher.
⦁ Kindly keep a copy of your manuscript with you. The information regarding the acceptance/rejection of a manuscript will be sent through e-mail. Also, kindly mention your e-mail and contact number properly in your proposal.
⦁ The submission period for manuscripts is open thrice a year from 1to 30 April; 1 to 30 September and 1 to 31 December. The proposal/manuscripts submitted during the mentioned period only will get priority.
⦁ The receipt of manuscript/proposal is acknowledged through e-mail/letter.
⦁ The manuscripts/proposals received are assigned to the concerned series editor for preliminary evaluation of the content. After the in-house review of the manuscript, the same shall be sent for review to the subject expert. Once we receive the comments from the reviewer, the same shall be examined and the decision taken shall be communicated to the author.

Keeping in view the needs of Indian readers, and to promote the exchange of culture and literature, we publish translations of our books in different Indian languages. So far we have published translations of our books in more than 55 languages.
As per our mandate and policy, we enter into agreement with our authors for royalty or lump sum payment as the case may be, once the manuscript is accepted for publication.

The NBT is now into e-publishing, with about 100 of its titles available in the e-format (e-pub 3.0), mainly intended to cater to the demands of Indian Diaspora and tech-savvy youth. The e-books are available in English, Hindi as well as in other Indian languages and can be accessed through Android enabled devices such as mobiles, tables, etc.
Financial Assistance Programme:
To promote Indian writings abroad, NBT has in place a 'Financial Assistance Programme' where NBT provides suitable incentive to foreign publishers in the form of financial assistance for translation of original Indian languages into foreign languages. The programme covers broad categories of fiction, non-fiction, science & technology, and books for children, except dictionaries, magazines, journals, textbooks for schools/colleges and professional courses like medicine, pure & applied science, engineering, business administration, etc.
National Centre for Children's Literature
The National Centre for Children's Literature (NCCL) was established by NBT in 1993 to monitor, coordinate, plan and aid the publication of children's literature in various Indian languages. The NCCL organises workshops, exhibitions and promoting the habit of reading at the school level by encouraging the setting up of Readers' Clubs. As of now, there are about 1.30 lakh Readers' Clubs across the country. The Website of NBT, India is fully functional and comprehensive with regard to all relevant information ( Detailed information about the activities and Readers’ Clubs of NCCL is available on the website. The NCCL library is linked to DELNET and the titles of NCCL library are available on E-granthalaya digital platform.

There is a window for a Grant-in-Aid (GIA) Scheme for organising book promotional activities wherein financial assistance is provided to the registered NGOs for any organizing reading promotion related programme.
Book Publishing Course
To create a pool of trained professionals for the publishing industry, NBT conducts training course in Book Publishing. Besides, NBT organizes short-term training courses in publishing in other parts of the country. In collaboration with select universities. This course is now conducted online. For process of enrollment/ participation in the course visit NBT website:


Book Promotional Activities in India and Abroad
NBT plays an important role in promoting books and the habit of reading by organizing book fairs and exhibitions throughout the country, as the nodal body for the promotion of books both in India and abroad.
Domestic / Regional Book Fairs:
The Trust organises Domestic Book Fairs/Exhibitions across various cities of India, including NE, ST and other areas as well. Apart from literary programmes/children's activities throughout the country in various states.
New Delhi World Book Fair:
The Trust organises the prestigious annual New Delhi World Book Fair, which is the largest book event in the Afro-Asian region. Over the last more than four decades, the New Delhi World Book Fair has earned itself a high reputation among international publishers due to its magnitude and outreach.
Promotion of Indian Books Abroad:
In order to promote Indian publishing abroad, the Trust participates in various International Book Fairs by putting up a collective exhibit of representative Indian publications brought out by various Indian publishers across the country. Since 1970, NBT has participated in various major international book fairs including Frankfurt, Bologna, Jerusalem, Seoul, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Colombo, Tokyo, Bangkok, Minsk, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Paris, Warsaw, Mexico, London, etc.
Guest of Honour Presentations:
NBT is the nodal agency coordinating the INDIA-Guest of Honour Presentations (GHP) at various International Book Fairs. As part of the presentations, NBT coordinates many literary programmes, including seminars, discussions, reading sessions and authors’ presentations to promote Indian content abroad. NBT also puts up a large INDIA PAVILION showcasing the Indian Culture & Publishing Industry. So far, INDIA-Guest of Honour Presentations has been held in Frankfurt, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul, Havana, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Guadalajara. The GHP at Live Paris 2022 is underway.
NBT publishes books at reasonable prices, which are available online on NBT's website (, NBT's bookshops, and through distributors etc. For online purchase of NBT publications refer to Annexure-II. NBT also makes books available at the doorsteps of the people through mobile exhibition vans (Pustak Parikramas), its many bookshops across the country, and online sales through its website and through Amazon. For enrolment as a Reader's Club Member refer to Annexure-III. And for information about how to become an NBT Distributor or Agent refer to Annexure IV and Annexure V.

Online purchase of NBT Publications
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