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Books Club

The National Book Trust, India publishes a wide variety of books, keeping in mind the diversities in language, culture, age-groups and tastes of readers. Thus, books range from those that are informative, pertaining to the science, the art, the environment and many others; to fiction, from different regions of the country; and to beautifully illustrated books for children.

NBT books are available in 32 Indian languages and in English, at affordable prices. It has been a consistent effort on the part of the Trust to make its books available in every district by enrolling Book Club member across the country besides having a very good network of its authorised booksellers.

In order to ensure the availability of Trust's publications the Trust has been running a Book Club Scheme since 1994.

Rules and Regulations


1. Any individual or Institution of India can become a member of NBT Book Club.

2. A nominal life long non-refundable membership fee of Rs.100/- for individuals and Rs.500/- for Institutions.

Salient Features
1. Members are issued a membership card with a unique ID No.

2. Book Club Members are entitled to a discount of 20% on purchase of NBT books from Regional Offices, Exhibition/Book Fair stalls, Mobile Vans and other outlets of NBT.

3. The NBT sends newsletters, catalogues and other publicity materials to the Institutional Members regularly.

Catalogues, other publicity/information materials and soft copy of our printed newsletters can be made available to the Individual members via snail mail/E-mail on specific request.

1. Books are sent by VPP/Book Post (against advance payment). Full postage is charged on orders worth Rs.200/- or less; and orders for more than Rs.201/- the Trust bears the full postage.

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