A Revolutionary Scientist EINSTEIN and his ideas

A Revolutionary Scientist EINSTEIN and his ideas
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Over a hundred years ago, a young man of 26- a patent clerk at Bern- wrote five epoch-making papers which brought a revolution in the world of physics. The discovery of the Theoryof Relativity and Quantum Machanics by Albert Einstein redefined the fundamental concepts of our understanding of the scientific phenomena. These revolutions were alsoresponsible for initiating changes in other branches of science. Written lucidly, this book is an intersting account of the pioneering works of Einstein, his life and times from a clerk to a revolutionary scientist as well as his lesser known views and writings on society and politics.

Author: S Chatterjee & T V Venkateswaran
Year of Publication:2016
Edition:1st Edition
No of Pages:79 Pages
Age Group:All
Dimensions:21.5"(L) 13.5"(W) (CMS)
ISBN 13:978-81-237-5095-8
Subject:Popular Science
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