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Curiosity is the fundamental basis for the process of learning. It helps children to explore, question and often wonder about the world they live in. This book puts together many such questions randomly posted to Prof. Yash Pal, like 'Why does the inner surface of the car wind shield get foggy when it is raining outside?'; 'Why do tears taste salty?'; 'What are stem stells?': 'Has the discovery of quarks challenged the idea of quantization of charge?' and even 'Does God exist?'. Whatever the question, Prof. Yash Pal's answers are always marked by their simplicity, honesty and a gradual unravelling of the scientific basis behind each.

Covering a wide array of subjects, this book with about
300 questions arranged randomly, makes an interesting read for all.

Prof. Yash Pal, a distinguished scientist, educationist and visionary, has always encouraged children to ask questions and believes that curiosity is what makes us human. An architect of India's space programme, Prof. Yash Pal was the former Chairman of the UGC, as well as the former Secretary to the Govt. of India, Department of Science & Technology. He has been the major force behind the latest National Curriculum Framework for school children.

 Dr. Rahul Pal is presently working as a scientist at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi. After receiving his Masters degree in iological sciences from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan,

Dr. Rahul Pal did his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from AIIMS, New Delhi.


Author: Yash Pal & Rahul Pal
Year of Publication:2018
Edition:1st Edition
No of Pages:258 Pages
Age Group:15-16 Yrs
Dimensions:21.1"(L)13.6"(W) Cms.
ISBN 13:978-81-237-6106-0
Subject:Popular Science
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